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ZanstraSat is a donor to the Wounded Warrior Project, an organization that provides unique, direct programs and services
to meet the needs of injured service members.

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VSAT & Broadband

VSAT Systems

ZanstraSat provides both commercial and military grade auto-acquire antennas, ranging from 0.9m to 1.2m. The auto-acquire VSAT antenna automatically finds the desired satellite and brings up a connection with the designated circuit within minutes of deployment. The system auto-configures itself into the satellite network and immediately provides full IP access quickly and reliably.

Fixed Site VSAT Systems

ZanstraSat fixed site, manual-acquire antennas range from 1.2m to 2.4m and require 1-2 days for most standard installations. They provide durability in the harshest environments and are perfect for remote LANs that will be in place for months or years at a time.

iDirect Modems

ZanstraSat system configurations are based on market-leading modems from iDirect, providing the ultimate in network management, configuration, and control. Additionally, iDirect provides extensive customer benefits, including the ability to monitor your own network performance and status. 3Di only uses the latest generation of iDirect modem equipment in our installations – ensuring our customers have a VSAT package that’s efficient and most up to date.

Broadband - Anytime, Anywhere

Whether your company is listed as one of the Top 100 Enterprise Corporations or is a one-man shop in the middle of nowhere, ZanstraSat is in the unique position to deliver you cost effective, two-way broadband access with the ability to support Citrix applications, VPN (encryption AES 256), VoIP, Video Broadcast and so much more.

Available now from ZanstraSat, BroadbandTM was created to serve remote locations where carrier access is not practical and/or communication is needed quickly. BroadbandTM can be set up easily in less than one day with lead times far less than the local telephone companies' demand and can even be transported from one site to another. The challenges of availability simply no longer exist.

BroadbandTM was designed from the ground up to deliver IP traffic over satellite and is a high-end solution for enterprise applications. This platform uses iDirect's NetModem II+ Broadband Router... a "one box" combination solution consisting of a satellite modem, IP router with TCP Acceleration and QoS and the quality and reliability to deliver Service Level Guarantees (SLA).

BroadbandTM supports a variety of applications that other satellite service providers cannot support and provides excellent coverage internationally. Additionally, this leading edge technology uses superior Error Correction Techniques to minimize weather-related performance degradation.

BroadbandTM service is the perfect solution for large retail, reservation and transactional businesses yet is competitively priced for the smaller enterprise.

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