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ZanstraSat is a donor to the Wounded Warrior Project, an organization that provides unique, direct programs and services
to meet the needs of injured service members.

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10451 Twin Rivers Road
Suite 292
Columbia, MD 21044
Corporate Phone:
1.877.444.6060 or 301.880.0242
Corporate Fax: 1.877.444.4515

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Satellite Solutions

Products for Aircraft

EMS Satcom, EMS Viper, HSD-400, Thrane & Thrane, and Cobham Surveillance, AERO-HSD, AERO-I, AER0-M.

Products for Land

Thrane & Thrane, Hughes Inc., Iridium, Inmarsat, Thuraya, BGAN Custom VSAT, Explorer 500, Explorer 700, Panther-X, KU and KA band VSAT terminals, Hawkeye III multiband VSAT terminal, and Cheetah Flyaway VSAT terminal.

Products for Maritime

Thrane & Thrane, Cobham, Iridium, FleetBroadband, Fleet 77/55/33 Inmarsat C and Mini C, Inmarsat Mini M and Inmarsat C.

Engineering Services

We provide installation and engineering services on all products.


Airtime is provided for all aircraft, land/mobile vehicles and maritime vessels.

Still have questions? Call 301.880.0242

Satellite Surveillance Camera

This award-winning camera is a rapid deployment kit (RDK) that requires no additional hardware or software to operate.
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