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ZanstraSat is a donor to the Wounded Warrior Project, an organization that provides unique, direct programs and services
to meet the needs of injured service members.

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10451 Twin Rivers Road
Suite 292
Columbia, MD 21044
Corporate Phone:
1.877.444.6060 or 301.880.0242
Corporate Fax: 1.877.444.4515

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Commercial & Government

ZanstraSat applications allow customers to communicate with confidence in remote areas with little or no telecommunication infrastructure or land based connectivity across a wide range of sectors.

BGAN machine-to-machine (M2M), a comprehensive end-to-end software solution, mitigates risk by wirelessly managing your assets and devices to ensure no asset is ever compromised. Monitor and control your remote assets with two-way IP data for messaging, tracking and monitoring fixed or mobile assets, anywhere, anytime. BGAN M2M is accessed through a robust terminal that can be housed in a sturdy, weatherproof unit for long-term unmanned deployment.

Without a satellite component, a communications network will fail when the terrestrial network sustains damage or overloading. Ensure you have an affordable, round-the-clock solution on hand when systems are damaged or destroyed.
Land-Based Industriesplus
Business Continuityplus
Asset Trackingplus
Emergency Response and First Responder plus
Retail Bankingplus
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